Grand Butterfly Release

Mimi Shelley recently gave Ledger a Fantastic Butterfly Bungalow!  For the last two weeks, Ledge watched his five caterpillar friends eat till they were chubby, turn into beautiful chrysalis', then emerge as lovely painted lady butterflies!  He fed them tasty fruit for the past few days, but this morning he decided "TODAY WAS THE DAY" to set them free!  I snapped a few pictures as my little love said goodbye to his buggy was SO SWEET watching him help his baby sister let a few go!  Moments like these make a mama's heart ache with happiness...


Meet one of the sweetest little boys on earth!  I am so completely in love with my new little nephew, Rivers Jarrett.  Not only does Rivers have possibly the coolest little boy's name ever, he also has the most amazing mommy & daddy (If you've met them, you know what I mean! They're completely awesome!!)  I so adore this new little family of THREE, and I can't wait to watch this little guy grow!  Love you, Rivers!