I SO ENJOYED photographing this super photogenic guy!  Confident, relaxed, an kind, this guy has an obviously good heart.  I wish I could take full credit for how great his session turned out...but this guy honestly couldn't take ONE bad picture!!  Sending love to the Turner family!  Peyton, you're sure to accomplish amazing things in the years ahead of you.  Go make the world a better place!- Atley


An amazing day with THIS awesome senior!  Garrett is such a cool guy, with an amazing kind of quiet confidence!  I'm so  excited for this dude's future, and I'm also excited to get to share a few images from his awesome senior shoot!  I LOVE when seniors book winter sessions!!  Some seniors are nervous about booking shoots in December and January for fear of the images appearing cold and lifeless...but BY NO MEANS is that the case!!! I love the mix of warm light and the little patches of snow!  I love soft winter skies and the deep greens of pinetrees!  Cozy, layered wardrobe choices always add great HOT COCOA on a shoot is always a win!  Sending love to you, Garrett!  Go do awesome things! - Atley


I loved getting to work with Eric!  This guy was so relaxed and easy to photograph!  We went for something a little more chill with an industrial feel for his senior session, and I'm kind of in love with this vibe for 'guy sessions'!  Eric, it was great getting to hang out with you and beautiful Jillian!!  I'm excited for your future, and can't wait to see what life has in store for you! - Atley


After photographing Alec, I seriously thought to myself, "How do I consistently seem to get seniors that look like they already model part-time?!" haha!  Alec was such a good sport, and I'm so excited to share this senior shoot!  Alec, thanks for being a trooper as I made you look at the sun a little more than was probably healthy for your eyes! haha!  I love this mix of black and whites with dark, rich color!  I'm also LOVING shooting senior guys in full sun (which is something that until this past year, I haven't experimented in much)!  Can't wait to see what awesome things you do in your bright future, Alec!  Sending love to you and your sweet mama! -Atley


I have had some awesome senior guys this year, and Joel was definitely one of my favs!  Joel is a creative and loved the idea of using unique light and locations. We kept things extra chill and candid, playing with both full sun and shade.  Check out a few images from Joel's awesome senior session below: featuring some great harsh light, smoke bombs, hilltops, and a laundromat!  Woot Woot!  Sending love to you, Joel!  Super pumped for this next exciting chapter of your life! -Atley


I am completely stoked about Colman's senior session!  It was so much fun finding great locations, climbing on ledges, and playing with light and shadows!  Some of my favorite senior sessions from the year are guy sessions, and this one was definitely one to remember!  Sending love to you, Casey & Colman!  Colman, I'm super excited for your future!  Your quiet confidence is awesome; go change the world!! - Atley