This beauty had one of the most contagious smiles!!!  Holy Smokes, beautiful girl!  I so loved spending an afternoon with this gorgeous senior.  Jordyn, you are so sweet and kind-hearted!  I just adored our windy afternoon together and am so excited for what's in store for your future!  Keep shining bright, lovely girl!  xoxo-Atley


This babe was an absolutely joy to photograph!  Jacklyn is such a smart, beautiful girl and made my job super easy!  These deep colors mixed with a little winter snow was a perfect combination.  I loved Jacklyn's chill vibe and am super stoked to share just a few images from her senior collection!  Sending love to you and your sweet mama, Jacklyn!  I'm excited for this next chapter in your life! -Atley


So, I'm thinking about making it mandatory that my senior girls bring one gorgeous gown to shoot in! haha!  Every now and again a lovely girl will bring her prom dress with her for a few 'Memento' images documenting the the loveliness of the dress.  This is a...BRILLIANT IDEA! I so encourage my seniors to try this out!!  Beautifully documenting a dress that may only be worn once in a lifetime is well worth it!  Claire, you are not only stunning on the outside, but your heart radiates a kind of quiet strength!  I'm so excited for your future, sweet girl!!! Sending love- Atley


I had an AMAZING time photographing this sweet senior girl! Jillian is not only insanely sweet and gorgeous beyond belief...she's also a spectacular artist!!!  You can actually check out her spectacular work HERE!!! I'm so excited for this amazing girl's future!  Bright & beautiful, I can't wait to see where life takes her!  Sending love to the Beauford family!  Jillian, go get the world! - Atley


Taylor is such a beauty, inside and out!  This sweet senior actually lives just a few houses down the street, and over the past few years,  I remember countless times thinking to myself, "That girl is so beautiful...I hope I get to take her photo someday." haha!  This past month, I was excited to do just that!  Taylor, you're so gorgeous, and I so loved getting to know your sweet heart a bit on our day shooting together!  You have amazing things in store for you, and I'm completely excited about your future!  Sending love to you and your sweet family! xoxo-Atley