This past year, I had the honor of documenting Theo & his beautiful wife Nancy's wedding day!  I was over the moon excited when Theo later contacted me about a promotional shoot for his profession career.  This talented percussionist modeled super well as we spent the day shooting around Lawerence, KS.  Sending love to you, Theo!  I can't wait to see what you'll achieve in the decades before you! - Atley 


This girl. Is. Amazing!!!  I absolutely loved hanging out in St. Louis with this young author getting some rad promo images.  Not only is she (obviously) super gorgeous, she exudes genuine compassion and a confident spirit.  Loved everything about this amazing day of shooting!  Sending you love, Steph!  You're simply darling! - xoxo Atley


In the past, I've limited myself to shooting only looks/styles that I knew others would appreciate!  THIS YEAR, however, I've decided to push forward and take time to create work that tugs at my heart strings!  Here are a few images from a recent shoot with Dansare that delve into the conceptual/artistic side of my heart!  
Model: Dansare
Wardrobe:  Thrifted slips & nude silks, handmade sparse tool skirt, Gold Leaf
Jewelry:  The Lucky Tiger, St. Joseph MO

Color Inspiration:  Nudes/Golds
Mood:  Romantic, Deep, Movement

Thank you so much, Dansare, for being my muse!  You are insanely lovely and your heart is equally beautiful! 

Special thanks to The Lucky Tiger for your super radness!  Everyone, please,  check out this awesome local, vintage inspired shop located in Downtown, St. Joseph, MO!  For Realz!