Chris + Kinsey

I am beyond excited to share a few photos from Chris + Kinsey's awesome engagement session in KC!  These two will fully melt your heart!!!  It was so amazing getting to know these incredible people a bit better on our afternoon together.  We spent the day running down the middle of streets, laughing at escaping balloons, and visiting the place where Chris proposed. Chris + Kinsey, I'm so honored and excited to photograph your upcoming big day and can't wait to see what amazing things are in store for your future together!  The decades ahead are sure to be beautiful.  Sending love to you both! -Atley

Tyler + Jennifer

Tyler + Jennifer are simply perfect!  I don't remember the last time I photographed a couple that made each other laugh as much as these two do! We stopped in mid-session for a quick drinks to stay cozy in our winter weather, and ended with some city over-look snuggles!  Sending love to you, Tyler + Jennifer!  I'm so excited for your upcoming big day!  Your love is obvious and your laughter contagious!  xoxo-Atley

Kayla + Nathan

Missouri's chilly weather only made the cuddling easier for these this adorable couple!  Kayla + Nathan will instantly steal your heart the minute you meet them!  Amazing sun, rich color, and some tree covered hills made this session extra beautiful!  Sending you love, Kayla + Nathan!  I'm so excited for your upcoming big day!  Your hearts so obviously fit together perfectly...I can't wait to see what amazing adventures you two undertake in the decades to come! Sending love-xoxo Atley

Caitlin + Trynt

Caitlin + Trent are SO AMAZING!!  Not only are they obviously a perfect match, they are kind, hilarious, warm, and lovely.  I so enjoyed every minute spent photographing these two and CAN'T WAIT for their upcoming big day!  Caitlin + Trent, I can't tell you how happy I am that our paths crossed!  I'm so excited for you to enjoy these images celebrating your engagement, and I'm even more excited for the adventure ahead of you both!  Sending much love - Atley

Ryan + Meghan

There's just something about country sessions that makes me remember the beauty and simplicity of real, deep love.  I LOVED getting to travel to Ryan + Meghan's beautiful home in the country, shooting on their gorgeous land!  These two had me laughing and enjoying every minute in these wide open spaces!  Ryan + Meghan, you two are simply lovely, and I'm so excited about the adventure of a love story ahead of you!  I can't wait for your upcoming big day!  Sending love to you both!!-xoxo Atley

Morgan + David

Were you hoping to check out a late fall, golden light adorable engagement session today?  Well, you're in luck!   I loved everything about our rich, light soaked colors & the brisk feel of Autumn that lingered throughout November.  Morgan + David are seriously some of the most beautiful, down to earth people.  These two are so obviously made for each other!  The moment you meet these two, you'll fall instantly in love with their openness, kindness, and genuinely happy hearts.  Morgan + David, I can't wait for your beautiful upcoming big day!  Every now and again, I get the honor of meeting a couple that I instantly adore, whose love feels easy, natural, and real!  So excited for the next chapter in your love story! -Atley