Kristin + Alex

I am SO EXCITED to blog this amazing SURPRISE wedding day!!!  Yes, that's right, Surprise wedding!  This incredible, free spirited couple decided to do something different than the norm for their beautiful big day! Kristin + Alex invited their friends and family to the 'oh so lovely' Eventful at Locust Grove (Weston, MO) for an "engagement party".  Once the guests were seated, they handed out beautiful custom stationary and 3d glasses!  As the guests put on their glasses the papery revealed that "today was more than just an engagement was THEIR WEDDING DAY"!  The couple then invited their guests to be seated in the courtyard as the bride's secret gown was taken out of hiding, and the couple dressed for the occasion!  I was so blessed to have documented so much surprise, pure joy, and happy tears!  I loved how spontaneous, genuine, and free this whole day felt!  Kristin + Alex, you two have completely stolen my heart!  Your down to earth kind of love is so beautiful and inspiring!  The way you both seemed to care so much more about real life love and true commitment than simply throwing a traditional party was inspiring! This was definitely one of my favorite days to have documented!  Sending love to you two! xo-Atley