From the moment I met Stephanie, I knew this was a girl after my own heart!  Full of joy & energy with a free-spirit, I can't tell you how darling she is!  Stephanie is published life coach based out of the Mid-West, and our weekend of shooting was a perfect example of how to 'make lemonade' when life gives you lemons!  This young author traveled from St. Louis for our colorful-hippie , sun-inspired session...after all the planning, hotels booked, hours of travel, and primping, the heavens opened up, and we were surprised with some 'un-expected rain'!  No sun-flares to be found...but our change in weather didn't affect the mood of this gem! We decided to shoot in-between showers, playing with smoke-bombs, sparkles, & the occasional glimpse of the sun!  I'm so excited to share this set with the world and even more excited to have met this beauty!  Sending you love, Stephanie!  Keep changing lives! - Atley
You can check out Stephanie's Website: HERE