Babies > Busy

In this beautiful mad chaos that is wedding season, life can get crazy...I get to spend my mornings with these little people until after lunch. After lunch they spend the rest of the afternoon with family while I edit from home.  Evenings are spent either at meetings or on photo sessions.  Many days, Michael is putting the littles to bed when I get home (Michael, I adore and appreciate you...You are such a good daddy.)  I recently realized that the past couple of months, our mornings have been spent Simply 'PREPARING'...Preparing breakfast, Preparing for the day, Preparing the house, Preparing to get groceries... I couldn't remember the last time I just enjoyed life together with my children.  Michael called me one morning from work and said, "It's so beautiful outside today!  You should take Ledge & Lulu out to enjoy this weather."  My immediate thought was, "No, There are things to PREPARE!  I don't have time."  But then, I felt the crisp September air and thought, "This season of 'littleness' that I have with these tiny beautiful souls will only happen once...they will only make childhood memories when they're children.  We can't miss LIFE 'Preparing' to live."  So, we grabbed our hats, threw our bikes in the trunk, and headed out for an adventure!  Ledger rode like a champ & told me the MOST AMAZING jokes!  Aiya Lu (who cannot pedal yet) was determined to either 'scootch' herself along or have me push her the ENIRE way...that little fire-cracker.  We chased grasshoppers & explored new territories.  This hour long space of time was like good food to starving hearts.

We made time where there was none....and the world didn't fall apart. Praying today for eyes that see clearly where my priorities really lie.  Asking for forgiveness from both my family & Lord for the moments that I've CHOSEN busyness over time with them. Remembering that time is precious & motherhood is a massive, beautiful responsibility.  Let's hug our babies today and remember to live intentionally! xoxo-Atley