Lance + Meredith

This day was an absolute adventure!  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this adventurous day with these two at Meredith's family's beautiful gettaway farm house!  This day included...Beautiful Wildflowers, an Awesome Rowboat, Key Fishing, Tons of Laugher, and a Bee Sting!  Haha!  Definitely one of the craziest, FUNEST sessions I've ever shot!  Oh my gracious, Lance + Meredith!  I just adore you both, and feel like I know you both so well after our adventurous day!  I'm SO glad we had such awesome weather & am SO excited about this lovely farm house collection! :D  I've decided, Meredith is the coolest girl EVER, and I'm pretty sure Lance could out-think MacGyver himself (key fishing level:EXPERT)!  Love to you both!  I can't wait for your beautiful big day! - Atley