Elizabeth + Will

Elizabeth + Will had such a spectacularly down-to-earth, love-filled wedding day!  They chose to have a small, intimate Labor Day wedding at the rockin' Weston Red Barn Farm  in Weston, MO!  Fall was in the air as the pumpkin/orchard loveliness was in full swing!  It was SO amazing seeing a couple so completely, comfortably, & excitedly in love!  This wedding day was nothing short of immensely beautiful!  Every minute of the day seemed custom tailored!  A perfect outdoor ceremony, followed by a simple, ridiculously awesome/Chipotle catered/dinner-chat evening!  MORE WEDDINGS LIKE THESE, PLEASE!!! Such a perfect, heart-felt day!  Love to you both Elizabeth + Will...you truly are some of the sweetest, kindest couples I've met, & it's so obvious that you fit together like peanut butter + jelly!  I received your hear-felt letter in the mail, and I can't tell you how completely in awe I am of your generosity & love!  Expect a little 'thank you' for your 'thank you' from me in the mail! haha!  Sending you SO much love!!! - Atley