Go Bearcats

One of the most beautiful couples you'll ever meet, Josh + Heidi had a spectacular Glitzy/Glamour/Pink Wedding Day!  These NWSU alumni are Bearcats for life, & I so loved that most of our backdrops for the day were on campus!  The day was full of Laughter, happy tears, sweet kisses, and selfies(there was even a 1st selfie as a married couple taken directly after the kiss! Haha!  How cool are these kids!?)!  From the moment you meet these two you can see how full of love for each-other their hearts are!  I'm not going to lie, I did, in fact, shed a couple of tears on this sweet day!

"Josh + Heidi, I've so loved getting to know your beautiful, genuine hearts over the past year! It's easy to see that you two were made for each-other!  It was so heartwarming to watch you two together...and I'll never forget Josh's face when he saw Heidi for the first time...Complete Awe.  So beautiful!  Love to you guys!  I know your marriage will be full of Joy & Strength!" - Atley

Here are just a few highlights from Josh + Heidi's Beautiful Day: