Little Loves

Little Loves.

Had to snap a couple quick photos of my little loves this morning, as Ledger sweetly shared his one of his FAVORITE books with his little sis.  This little guy has been such a Fantastic big brother!  Helping get diapers from the diaper basket, performing crazy "cheer-up the baby" dances, and even sharing attention...he's been such a trooper!  A good friend of mine with lots of kiddos recently said something beautiful to me, she said, "As parents, we're not just making babies and having children; we're raising up little young men and women."  

Years from now, when these two are all grown up, while Ledger will probably not be reading his sister a Curious George book in his raccoon hat + Mom's mis-matched fuzzy socks, I pray they're still great friends who share their favorite things! -Atley

* Thanks Aunt Cindy for this Great-Dino-Addition to his Curious George collection! He LOVES it!